How To self-study Korean

So when I first decided to learn Korean I had the major problem of finding the right resources. I’m guessing if you’re here you are also probably facing the same problem as I had then. Now I finally decided to just share my journey of learning Korean . I’ve been learning Korean for about 3 years and FYI I ain’t no expert(ㅋㅋㅋ).

[P.S : I am currently doing my BA(hons) Korean and I’m in my 2nd year now.]

Prior to actually deciding to take up Korean as my major I tried to learn Korean on my own. Gave up as soon as I started . Failed. Tried after some months and yet again . Failed

Everything was so new to me and I didn’t know how to start or from where to begin. But it’s only natural for a person learning a foreign language to be clueless at first. Korean has a lot of rules and styles so I’m still learning new things everyday and getting adjusted to it.

So if you are thinking to learn Korean on your own and have the right materials and’s totally possible!! I will be sharing some tips that I think might be helpful to you as a beginner !!!


Set your goals. How much time are you planning to spend on studying Korean a day / how much can you complete in a day/ how many vocabularies can you learn a day and so on… Set your goals according to your convenience AND don’t be too hard on yourself .


I know! I know but this is what you must do .Hangul (한글) is the Korean alphabet. Learning the Korean alphabets is the fundamental key to reading Korean and it isn’t very difficult like Chinese or Japanese. Hangul was invented by King Sejong in such a way that the commoners would be able to learn in a day. So you can too!!!!


There is nothing you don’t find on the internet and there’s plenty out there. But you have to find what’s right for you coz there is no definitive methods or materials. I have tried to learn through a lot of sites,YouTube videos and pdfs. And these are my favourites -




Out of these 3 websites my personal favourite is I find this site to be very helpful and easy to me.

  • Learning through K-dramas and K-pop

I realised that watching a lot of kdramas actually helped me in listening and knowing a lot of vocabularies and the same goes for K-pop. This is the most fun and cool way to keep learning Korean .

  • Never give up

포기하지 마세요 !!!! Don’t give up . Now that you have learned your alphabets and have your materials I wish you all the best and never give up. Hwaiting!!!!