Korean Phrases to know before visiting S.Korea- Common expressions for daily use & travel

Are you travelling to Korea anytime soon? Are you worried because you don’t know the language ? Worry not!!! Knowing these expressions will not only make your travel to S.Korea more enjoyable but also the locals are going to be impressed…

  • 안녕하세요? / 안녕하십니까- Ann-yeong-ha-se-yo? / Ann-yeong-ha-sib-in-Kka : How are you? Or Hello

First thing first. Learning how to greet. Koreans usually use 안녕하세요? as ”Hello” or it could also mean asking a person “How are you?”/ “Have you been well?”

  • 만나서 반가워요/ 만나서 반갑습니다 - man-na-seo ban-ga-wo-yo / man-na-seo ban-gap-seub-ni-da : Nice to meet you!!

This expression is usually used when you meet a person for the first time accompanied with a bow Or a handshake in a formal situation.

  • 감사합니다 - Gam-sa-hab-ni-da : Thank you

If you have been watching K-drama this is probably one of the most heard Korean word which is English equivalent to “Thank you “. As you probably know Korean use this word a lot . Any situation this word comes to the rescue.

  • 도와 주셔서 감사합니다 - do-wa ju-syeo-seo gam-sa-hab-ni-da : Thank you for helping me

Just like “감사합니다” you use this when someone helps you. Koreans liked to be thanked a lot. So if someone helps finding the direction to the airport just say “도와 주셔서 감사합니다.”

  • 죄송합니다 - joe-song-hab-ni-da : Sorry

If you end up brushing up to someone in the metro or on the streets just say “ 죄송합니다.”

  • 네 - nae : Yes

네! 네! 네! When ever you wanna say ”yes”.

  • 아니요 - Aniyo : No

And 아니요!아니요! Whenever you wanna say “No”.

  • 안녕 - Ann-yeong : Bye

This is more of a informal way of saying ”bye” to someone close like your friends or maybe you junior. It can also be a way of saying “Hi” in an informal setting.

  • 실례합니다 - sill-ye-hab-ni-da : Excuse me

This is usually used when you want to politely get someone’s attention,especially when to want to ask a question.

  • 지하철 역은 어느 쪽입니까? - jihacheol yeog-eun eoneu jjog-ibnikka? : How can I go to the metro station?

  • 얼마에요? - eolma-eyo? : How much is it?

  • 너무 비싸요 - neomu bissayo : It is very expensive

  • 할인해주세요 - hal-inhaejuseyo : Please give me a discount

If you think something is very expensive then you can say “할인해주세요” which is english equivalent to “Please give me a discount.”

  • 공항까지 데려다 주세요 - gonghangkkaji delyeoda juseyo : Please take me to the airport

Now its finally time for you to go back I guess. I know you want to stay forever but damn!!!VISA!!! So just grab a taxi and say “공항까지 데려다 주세요.” Until next time

  • 좋은 하루 보네세요 -joh-eun haru-bonaeseyo : Have a nice day

I hope this will be helpful atleast a bit when you travel to S.Korea. Enjoy your stay. Have a nice day!!! 좋은 하루 보네세요!!! ^^