Korean slangs from ordering coffee in a cafe to……(2022)

You definitely won’t find this in your textbooks nor are you teachers gonna be teaching you, but if you are a devoted K-drama watcher like me , you’ve probably heard these words before and pretty much understand why these are cool…How cool would it be to say “Can I have an 아아?” There are a lot of Korean abbreviations that they come up with , its almost hard to keep up..So I thought why not I make a list of all the Korean slangs that I’ve come across till date~

  • 헐 대박 - [Heol Dae-bak] :oh my god ! Awesome - OMG + AWESOME = Wow that’s crazy.

  • 노잼 -[no-jaem]: not fun

This word is the short form of Konglish(Korean + English) No() + 재미있다(fun) which becomes its no fun . It refers to something that is not fun at all or boring.

  • 꿀잼 - [kkul jaem]: funny/interesting

as in honey and 미있다 which is fun. This is usually used when you want to describe something that is funny or interesting.

  • 심콩 - [Sim-khong]: Huge crush

The from the 장(heart) and the from the sound of heart racing 콩(thump thump). When you see your crush, this is exactly what that is : a huge crush on someone.

  • 콜[khol] - cool

I bet you’re familiar with this one too. This is a colloquial expression that Korean use when they want to agree to something enthusiastically like ‘I’m all in’ or ‘let’s do it’.

  • 멘붕 - [men-bung]: mental breakdown

The from the english word 탈(mental) that describes one’s mental status and the from the 괴되다 which translates to ‘broken down’ or ‘collapsed’. Combining the two words becomes ‘ mental breakdown’. 저도 지금 멘붕에 걸렸어요’ - ‘I’m also having a mental breakdown right now.’

  • 모쏠 - [mo-ssol] : A person who has been single since birth

It refers to a person who is unable to date/ has never dated in their entire life. This abbreviation is derived from the word 로( a person who has never been in a romantic relationship.)

  • 베프 - [be-pheu] : best friend

The Korean slang for ‘best friend’ or ‘very close friend’. It is derived from the Konglish word 스트 (besteu : best ) 랜드 (feu-ren-deu : friend)

  • 솔까말 - [sol-kka-mal] : To speak frankly

from 직히(honestly), from 놓고 (openly) and the from 하다 ( to speak). The complete phrase translates into “ speak honestly/openly”.

  • 남사친 - [nam-sa-chin] : A guy who is just a friend

So this the short term for 자 (guy/man) 람 (person) 구(friend) which then put together becomes 남사친 meaning a guy friend. The same could be applied for a girl who is just a friend 여사친( 여자 사람 친구).

  • 아아 -[aa-aa] : Iced Americano

I recently learnt these cafe slangs and its so fascinating how the Koreans come up with these. ‘아아’ is an abbreviation of Iced Americano i.e 이스(Ice) 메리카노(Americano). The first two letters put together becomes 아아.

  • 치맥 - [chi-maek] : Chicken & beer

You have probably heard this a lot of time while watching K-drama. Yup its the short term for 킨 (chicken) &주( beer). This one is the top on my bucket list to try in Korea.

  • 따아 - [tta-aa] : Hot coffee

Just like “아아”, 따아 is the abbreviation of “뜻한 (hot)메리카노(Americano)”. Ah! Seriously these cafe slangs are so cool and creative. It never stops fascinating me~

  • 아바라 - [aa-ba-ra] : Iced Vanilla Latte

The from 이스, the from 닐라 and the from 떼 becomes “Iced Vanilla Latte.”

  • 얼죽아 - [eol-jug-ga] : iced coffee even if I freeze to death

It is the short form of “어도 이스커피” which literally translates to “ Even if I freeze to death, still iced coffee.”